2018, “reconstruction of an artists` life”
open studios borgerstr./art rotterdam, NL

  Reconstruction of an artist’s life 1-324
A4 panels from MDF with hole, metal hooks, paper, spray glue, printer ink
Hanging / installation in variable (situativ) formats conceivable
Participatory installation with 324 biographical and contemporary societal history text squares  
  Rekonstruktion eines Künstlerlebens 1-324
A4 Panele mit Bohrung, Metallhaken, Papier, Sprühkleber, Druckertinte Hängung/Installation in variablen (situativen) Formaten
Partizipative Installation mit 324 biografischen und zeitgeschichtlichen Textquadraten


kindly support
by the participating artists, by CBK (centre for visual arts Rotterdam) and
SKAR (stichting kunst accomodatie Rotterdam)

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